That’s it – YouTube deposes the giant of social media

Believe it or not, the power of YouTube has finally overshadowed social media giant Facebook.

Not by much, admittedly, but recent data by Compete PRO indicates that the video platform is now

the most visited social media site in this planet. With 167,848,349 unique visitors in June 2014,

YouTube officially deposes social media royalty which, received 166,497,314 unique

visitors during the same month.

And now what?

Now, you need to start thinking about redirecting some of that marketing budget towards YouTube

and away from some of the other platforms. You and most marketers who have concentrated all

their efforts on the other sites besides Facebook, like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Let it happen organically

You see, if what you are looking for is organic traffic, and you should definitely be looking for some

of this precious marketing commodity, YouTube will deliver just that. And now so more than ever

with the upcoming upgrade to its comment system. And while organic is on the rise in YouTube, it is

being phased out in Facebook to make way for the more lucrative paid reach.

Targeted advertising that’s worth your while

Not only that. Besides providing real value-for money and true ROI for organic marketing, YouTube’s

Trueview Advertising is a well-proven option you should really look into. TrueView is simply

YouTube’s ad format and one that lends itself to higher engagement than most other formats.


Because viewers are given the choice to skip the ad after five seconds and as Saatchi & Saatchi

explains, recall on TrueView in-stream ads are effective because “a conscious decision is made to

skip a YouTube ad and therefore the ad-recall is said to be 34% higher than TV.”

Your budget will also appreciate this as you only pay for the views from users that choose to watch

30 seconds or more of your ad, and this means you really only pay for your engaged viewers, not for


Do you need any more reasons to start playing with the newly crowned monarch of social media?


So, if you are ready to start treating YouTube with the kind of respect it deserves, talk to the team of

professionals at Video Involver. We can help you make the most of it.