Videos are one of the most attractive and informative forms of content that you can use to reach your target audience and an effective tool to help you establish an emotive connection with your prospects. So much so, that 64% of people are said to be more likely to purchase your product after watching a product video.

According to Forbes, approximately 250,000 new products were launched in 2010. That’s a whole lot of products hitting the shelves, and that’s without including new line extensions and the many “new and improved” products companies release regularly.

The fact remains that the success rates of new product releases have not shown any signs of improvement over the last 20 years. In fact, as the Harvard Business Review reported:

  • 66% of new products fail within two years,
  • 96% of all innovations fail to return their investment capital.

Launching a product with a video or a series of videos can help you visually get the message across about your business and your product.

But hang on. Is it really that simple? Does a video guarantee the success of a project or product?

No, of course not. Like with everything else in life, there are no guarantees but if you make a smart use of this marketing tool, your potential customers will learn about you and your product faster, relate to your story and possibly knock at your door before they knock on your video-less competitors.

How do you do it?

Let us tell your story with video

Video Involver, can help you stand out from the crowd with an engaging and entertaining product video. We’ll start by creating a script. The key to writing a good script for a product video is to answer the questions that your clients would likely ask, if you were sitting in front of them. Think elevator pitch – the essence of your business in a trip up to level 25 – but without the pitch component. We’ll tell your story creatively, not by selling what you do and who you are, but concentrating on the benefits for your customers. Next, we produce your video, then add a YouTube promotion, social media and Google AdWords campaign to drive traffic to your online store or website.

Wherever your potential customers are, whatever demographic they belong to, we’ll help you bring them closer to you with a beautiful and engaging product video.