Event Video Productions

Extend the life of your event with video
The very visual and social nature of an event video makes it one of the most engaging and sharable types of web content.

Attendees love to see themselves in their best attire, mingling with others in a cordial and enjoyable atmosphere – from award ceremonies to product or company launches, conferences, fundraisers, sporting events and festivals, a video is a clever promotional tool that will not only demonstrate your company’s creativity and skills, but it will also greatly extend the life of an event.

Producing a successful event video requires a lot of planning, team collaboration and careful execution. A video that truthfully reflects the spirit and emotion of your event will give you a lot of marketing mileage, as it can be used as a PR tool, an online advertisement or simply to promote your company’s events portfolio.

Video Involver’s production team will skilfully compose diverse multi-camera shots and capture the vibe of your event. Then, we’ll apply special effects and motion graphics that highlight the dynamics of the occasion.

During your event, every single moment, person and angle is a valuable source of video content. Performers, speakers, people networking and conversing, a beautiful dress, a lovely pair of shoes, a table centrepiece, giveaways, everything is part of this well-put-together puzzle.

After your event video is edited, approved and finalised, we will assist you in promoting it online. Our in-house video marketing experts will optimise your video, so that it appears at the top of results in search engines for desired keywords, phrases and targeted demographic groups.

Similarly, you’ll receive an advice and assistance on using your event video in your social networks and email campaigns – something guaranteed to get you a much higher click-through and share rate than standard emails and ensures maximum exposure and traffic to your site.

A seamless process from beginning to end! All you need to do is create a wonderful event and enjoy it. We’ll film it for you and distribute it online.