No, your audiences will probably not be expecting Hollywood-like surround sound audio quality from your video marketing campaign but you can also be sure they won’t appreciate noise, unnecessary chatter or inaudible sound.

Video Involver’s audio studio offers a full range of recording, mixing and mastering services. Our audio producers and engineers are skilled in a variety of genres for music and voice-over, audio for video and film and meet the most current industry standards in audio production and audio quality.

1. Voice Over and Narration services deliver your message exactly the way you want it. Adding a professional voice over can seriously affect the overall quality and impact of your videos. We handle multilingual projects for TV and radio advertising, with a particular focus and expertise in new media and audio for video.

2. Legal use of original, copyright free or licensed music is essential for the soundtrack of your production. Whatever your preferred music choice is, our royalty-free music and sound effects libraries offer a variety of styles and genres for your commercial or non-commercial projects at no hidden costs or fees.

3. The art of sound design is much more than putting together a few sound effects with background music. Our composers, sound designers and recording engineers are responsible for everything your audience hears -from sound design narratives and composing original music scores to audio postproduction, mixing.

Amaze your audiences with a superior mix of music, voice-over talent, and special effects! We create audio solutions for video, television, documentaries, viral videos and new media productions.