Travel and Tourism videos

The most powerful marketing tool in the travel and tourism industry is video

Although today, approximately 80% of people planning their holidays book their holiday packages, flights, accommodation, car rental, tours, etc. online, the global travel industry has been very slow to adopt video marketing in their promotional activities.

Video is the most effective way to recreate and present the experience that travel agents and tour operators are trying to sell to millions of potential customers who are browsing for a holiday of a lifetime online.

Many smaller hoteliers and tour operators are not familiar with travel video content creation, distribution and optimization and that prevents them from making the most of this versatile form of marketing. However, video content and video marketing have already become a key ingredient in the travel and tourism industries’ marketing practices worldwide.

The video marketing experts at Video Involver know exactly how to reproduce and enhance the beauty and tranquility of the environment, the comfort of the travel experience, the luxury of the accommodation and the remoteness of the location.

As a first step we’ll research and define the following for your travel our tour organization:

  • The type of content your videos should include.
  • The most effective way to present this content to get customers clicking on the “Book it Now” button.
  • Where should the video be uploaded and promoted.
  • The type of “Calls to Action” that work.
  • How to make the most of customers’ reviews.
  • Where and how to display pricing for products and services.
  • How to effectively organize your YouTube channel.
  • How to optimize video content to ensure the best possible ranking in search engines.

Through video, you help your customers evaluate your products and services easier and faster and help yourself entice them more effectively.