Our Video-Marketing Strategy

64% of marketers today plan video to dominate their marketing strategies in the near future.
The power of video marketing is unleashed by the skilful marriage of professional video production and marketing expertise. Clever online and offline positioning, Video SEO strategy, video ads, pre-roll and video pop-ups are all elements of a successful video marketing campaign.

What’s considered “successful”? This:

80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days as opposed to those who just read written ads. It gets even better. Of that eighty percent, 46% took some action after viewing the ad. In fact:

• 26% looked for more information about the subject of the video
• 22% visited the website named in the ad
• 15% visited the company represented in the video ad
• 12% purchased the specific product featured in the ad

With everyone trying to make the most of these numbers and wanting to jump on the video bandwagon, it really isn’t enough to just shoot a video, upload it to YouTube and hope it will go viral. Our experiences taught us well, that it is usually much harder than that, and it also defined some major rules in creating a video-marketing campaign.

• Create a video for a specific marketing goal – gain more website visitors, build a subscriber base or converting viewers into buying customers.
• Target audiences, which have indicated interest in your products or services, through their online behaviour.
• Develop your story and create a hook that will keep them coming back for more.
• Create content that has high engagement, watch-time and audience retention.
• Always write a compelling title and description.
• Build relationship with your viewers over time.
• Keep a consistent and integrated look, feel and tone of voice through your campaign.
• Explore all distribution channels – Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
• Do a comprehensive keyword research for your video campaign.
• Apply the appropriate Search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that will ensure greater results on Internet searches for you and your business.