Creative Video Production – a lot more than imaginative thinking

In most cases, producing a video has one main goal and that is to spread your message. Well experienced in the marketing side of video, we will not only get your project beautifully filmed, but we’ll also position and distribute it to your targeted audience online.

With us, the production cycle begins with developing your idea, and ends with the integration of the final product into your online and offline marketing strategy, making it a seamless, more consistent process for you and your potential and current customers.

Step 1: Translating ideas into a script that works

When preparing a video production, whatever its subject matter, its tone of voice or its length, creating the perfect script is the keys to success. After clearly defining video – marketing objectives, a qualified scriptwriter, who understands your audience, will write an engaging copy that moves the viewers and converts them into customers.

Step 2: Video production gives life to the creative concept

Whether it is live action scenes at eye-catching locations, real business situations shot in your office or company or slow motion product demonstrations, we are experienced in creating high production value. Of course, everything is relative. What might seem to be an incredibly witty idea to some, will feel like a totally uninspired piece to others. You are the judge here. So, take a look at our past work and see how you feel about it.

Step 3: Video-marketing campaign

Posting your video to video-sharing sites, Facebook and Twitter is just not enough. We create viewership for your marketing videos by using Video SEO, video email campaigns, PPC and social campaigns to drive traffic to your video landing page, company website or YouTube channel. We also leverage your existing marketing channels to drive potential leads and customers along with analysing and measuring the success of your video marketing campaign.

As Nietzsche once very eloquently said, one “must still have chaos in oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.”